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History of Manyhorses Saloon

In 1916, Sven Svenson the first owner, also a pioneering entrepreneur, built a building to accommodate his pool hall. The building was known as the Forestburg Hotel. The hotel provided rooms and accommodations to travelers – such as a restaurant, boarding rooms, a barbershop, and a tavern. In 1918, the building was used during the Spanish flu epidemic as a hospital. During the 80s, the bar was called Long John’s Tavern. After which, it was changed to Forestburg Hotel. In the early 90s, it was then changed to Manyhorses Saloon. In 2016, The building turned 100 years old, and was bought by the current owner’s Kara and Bill Pearcey in 2017.

About the Owners

Kara & Bill Pearcey

Kara and Bill Pearcey have been together since 2002, recently married on Halloween in 2019. They moved to Forestburg in 2007 along with their two kids, Brooke and Jadyn.

Bill is currently a contract worker with Heartland Generating Station (Formerly Atco) Since 2007. Kara was a waitress at Manyhorses Saloon for 6 Years. As well as a Manager for 4 years. Kara since has become the owner of Manyhorses Saloon. Kara has a great passion for running the bar. Creating an outstanding atmosphere, giving the bar personality, and cherishing the history of the building and town.

As Hobbies and Interests go, they enjoy movies, fishing, camping, karaoke, and entertaining friends along with Bill’s culinary skills.

When it comes to being active in the community, Kara has served on numerous committees within the town. They are both involved with the Power Sports Association; which brings mud bogs and drag races to the Forestburg area.

“We look forward to many more years of serving our wonderful community!”

– Kara and Bill Pearcey

Other Activities/Amenities Within the Community

  • Nearby Camp Grounds
  • Shops and Services
  • Numerous Recreation Centers
  • Outdoor Pools
  • Restaurants
  • Sports (Golf and Curling)
  • Horse Riding Arena

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